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The benefits of being a menopause friendly employer

attract talent

By addressing the needs of those experiencing menopause, you attract talent by demonstrating you are a great place for people to work and thrive through all stages of life.

retain talent

25% of women experiencing menopause consider leaving work. Providing flexibility and adapting your workplace policies to become menopause friendly can help to reduce your turnover.

diversity, equity and inclusion

Menopause and leadership opportunities often coincide, yet many leave work or retire early. Supporting those experiencing menopause is key to achieving your DE&I and gender diversity targets.

psychosocial care

73% of women say stress and anxiety was higher during menopause.* Raising awareness about menopause is vital to ensuring your psychosocial risk plan is comprehensive.


In an Australian survey 83% of respondents said their work was negatively affected by menopause symptoms.* Raising awareness and providing support can encourage colleagues to get the help they need to thrive, boosting productivity.

reduce absenteeism

Workplaces that raise awareness and encourage colleagues to seek help report lower rates of absenteeism  and higher rates of job satisfaction.

*Circle In, Driving the change: Menopause and the workplace, 2021. Access here:  

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Be amongst Australia’s inspirational 
Menopause Friendly Employers.

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