Menopause policies

Support your people: implementing a menopause policy shows you are committed to doing what’s right for your employees.

Why have a
menopause policy?

Menopause is likely to impact a substantial number of your people in your workforce, both directly and indirectly. While menopause friendly policies are not mandatory, they are certainly more than just ‘nice to have’.

Putting a policy and/or guidance document in place demonstrates your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and is best-practice. 

Your document can outline principles for creating menopause friendly adjustments and support managers to do what’s right for their team members.

For those experiencing symptoms, having a guidance document or policy will help them feel confident in asking for what they need if symptoms are affecting them at work.

Putting a menopause policy in place demonstrates your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Best-practice policy advice

Unsure where to start? Menopause Friendly has supported hundreds of workplaces to implement menopause guidance and policies that are genuinely helpful. We’re here to make adopting a policy easier for you.

We’re often asked…

  • Why do we need a menopause policy?
  • How do we ensure a policy is inclusive and genuinely helpful?
  • Who should we involve in creating a document?
  • Should we combine menopause with other women’s health concerns and create one policy?
  • Should we include leave provisions in our policy?

Every workplace is unique and every menopause experience is an individual one.

That’s why a policy or guidance document must be well constructed and fit for purpose based on the needs of your employees.

Every workplace is different. Let us help you design the right document for your organisation.

Implementing your menopause policy

Creating a menopause document helps you achieve one of the 5 pillars of a menopause friendly workplace. But having a document in isolation won’t be enough to enable sustainable change.

Key to the success of your menopause friendly strategy is ensuring your policy is well communicated and that people feel comfortable using it.

Seek input from across your organisation. Build a menopause working group to provide advice

Think about what’s right for your organisation. Would a guidance, toolkit or policy be most helpful?

Provide information about menopause and links to support within and outside your organisation.

Design is important. Creating an inclusive document helps everyone feel supported.

Menopause Friendly Membership makes it easy for you to create a policy and ensure everyone understand how to use it.

How will you communicate your policy?

Everyone needs to know about the menopause, whether they’re experiencing it themselves or providing vital support.

Ensuring people understand why supporting menopause is part of their role is just as important as having a policy/ If people don’t feel safe opening up about what they are experiencing, a policy will not achieve its desired outcome.

Our menopause policy library makes creating your document easier

Browse through best-practice toolkits, guidance documents and policies provided by our Menopause Friendly Accredited workplaces.

Will you do what’s right for your people?

Join Menopause Friendly Membership and we’ll ensure supporting people through menopause is a key part of your diversity equity and inclusivity plan. We make it easier for you to do what’s right for your people and your organisation, with ready made resources and expert advice.  

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It’s time we changed the way we think about menopause at work.

We make it easy to introduce the right solutions for your organisation.

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