The only independent accreditation for menopause at work

More than a tick box, a promise or a pledge, The Menopause Friendly Accreditation is the only independent mark of excellence for menopause at work. Industry-recognised and the trusted partner for leading employers, join in to change the lived experience of people going through menopause now, and for generations to come.

Employers committed to becoming menopause friendly
Employers independently accredited as menopause friendly

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The benefits of being a menopause friendly employer

attract talent

By addressing the needs of those experiencing menopause, you attract talent by demonstrating you are a great place for people to work and thrive through all stages of life.

retain talent

25% of women experiencing menopause consider leaving work. Providing flexibility and adapting your workplace policies to become menopause friendly can help to reduce your turnover.

diversity, equity and inclusion

Menopause and leadership opportunities often coincide, yet many leave work or retire early. Supporting those experiencing menopause is key to achieving your DE&I targets and gender diversity targets.

psychosocial care

67% of women are concerned about how menopause is impacting their mental health. Raising awareness about menopause is vital to ensuring your psychosocial care plan is comprehensive.


Symptoms negatively impact 83% of menopausal women’s work performance. Raising awareness and providing support can encourage colleagues to get the help they need to thrive, boosting productivity.

reduce absenteeism

Workplaces that raise awareness and encourage colleagues to seek help report lower rates of absenteeism  and higher rates of job satisfaction.

“At AngloGold Ashanti Australia we want every employee to feel that they belong and can thrive. Becoming a Menopause Friendly employer, having open conversations, and providing the right support, is important for the wellbeing of all of our employees that are affected by menopause – whether they are experiencing the symptoms themselves, or supporting a team member or loved one.”

– Nicola Thomson, VP People and Culture at Anglogold Ashanti

How to become a Menopause Friendly employer


Commit to becoming a menopause friendly employer

Join Menopause Friendly Membership to recieve “committed to being a menopause friendly employer” status. 


Understand requirements and make change

Understand what it means to be a menopause friendly employer using the accreditation standards. Make use of the support and guidance included in your Menopause Friendly membership.


Apply for accreditation

The Menopause Friendly Independent Panel will review your application and evidence against accreditation standards. You’ll receive detailed feedback whether you are successful first time or not.


Wear your badge with pride

When you achieve The Menopause Friendly Accreditation from the Independent Panel, you are one of the leading employers changing the lived experience of people going through menopause now, and for generations to come.

What it means to be menopause friendly

Being a menopause friendly employer is more than just a tickbox. It’s demonstrating that you actively support menopause at work across five key areas of your organisation…


Policies & practices




How Menopause Friendly membership helps

There has been an influx of recent changes to workplace legislation including psychosocial hazard minimisation, compulsory domestic violence leave, workplace law reforms, Respect at Work: sexual harassment and discrimination reform and widening of gender pay gap reporting.

We understand this can feel very overwhelming and many workplaces are unsure of how to move forward. You don’t need to be a menopause expert to create a Menopause Friendly organisation. We can make it easier for you to be proactive in addressing changes and keep people thriving at work.

Much more than providing employers with the opportunity to apply for The Menopause Friendly Accreditation, Menopause Friendly membership provides tried, tested and trusted support, genuinely helpful resources, opportunities to be recognised and celebrate success, and access to a global network of leading employers committed to changing the lived experience of people going through menopause. We’re with you all the way…


Guidance and support


Special events

Apply for accreditation

A community of like-minded change makers

Achieving Menopause Friendly Accreditation ourselves was an important milestone in the work we’re doing to support an inclusive and open workplace culture, and that includes the menopause.

-Ben Horner, HR Director for Boots UK & ROI

Be amongst Australia’s inspirational 
Menopause Friendly Employers.