Why is everyone talking about menopause at work?

You will learn how to take the first steps to developing your menopause friendly strategy at our half day workshop.

You will be introduced to the five menopause friendly standards, and you’ll walk away with a practical four step plan to get you started on your journey.

Develop Your Menopause Friendly Strategy
Half-day Workshop

Wednesday June 5th
9am – 12pm

Hosted by AIM WA

Is your workplace starting to ask about a menopause friendly strategy?

Menopause is an inevitable life stage for all women during midlife. With 3 in 4 people saying menopause symptoms impacted their daily lives and 1 in 4 reporting severe symptoms, supporting people through menopause within the workplace is mission critical.

A Federal Senate Inquiry is currently investigating the impact of menopause on women including how workplaces are providing support. There has never been a better time to get started on your menopause friendly pathway.

With an increased focus on women’s health and menopause in the workplace, you may be asking or being asked…

  • Should I provide menopause and menstruation leave?
  • Do I need a menopause policy?
  • Should I create a combined policy for menopause, menstruation and reproductive therapy?
  • How can I implement a policy successfully?

To get the answers to these questions, and more, join us at one of our half-day workshops.

Menopause Friendly is the only global menopause support provider offering tried, trusted and tested workplace services that make being menopause friendly easier for you, wherever you are.

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