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How the Finance Sector Union are leading the menopause conversation: Webinar Recording

Identifying that the finance industry gender pay gap is exacerbated by senior women choosing either to retire early or not applying for promotions due to suffering symptoms of menopause, the industry has started to consider the impact that menopause and menstruation can have on employees and some employers have begun introducing frameworks to support their employees. The Finance Sector Union (FSU) produced a policy framework in 2021 that was based on available research on Australian and international experiences and drew heavily on the experience of finance workers in the UK. 

In 2023 the FSU conducted their own research on the impact that menopause and perimenopause on Australian finance workers. More than 35% of respondents said that their experience of menopause meant that they were more likely to retire early. Even more concerning was that over 50% of respondents said that their experience of menopause meant that they were less likely to apply for a promotion.

We were delighted to host Menopause Friendly Australia CEO, Grace Molloy in conversation with Julia Angrisano, National Secretary of the Finance Sector Union to discuss why menopause is a workplace issue and how they are leading the way to create change at a union level.

You can view the recording of this webinar below.