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What The Compelling Research into Menopause in the Workplace Tells Us

Grace Molloy, CEO Menopause Friendly Australia and Deborah Garlick, Founder Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace hosted a webinar with leading menopause in the workplace researchers from the UK and Australia.

You can view a replay of this webinar below to hear the compelling research they have undertaken and what it tells us.

Guest Researchers

Professor Jo Brewis is co-author of the Government Equalities Office,  Menopause transition: effects on women’s economic participation. Putting this work into practice, Jo introduced the first University menopause policy in the UK, and helps employers understand why being menopause friendly is urgent and important.

Dr Belinda Steffan is a Research Fellow and gender scholar at the University of Edinburgh studying how work is reciprocally influenced by the intersection of gender, age and health and well-being. Working with industry partners, she develops practical, meaningful workplace solutions around gender, age, health and work. Her research-led lectures address local and global workforce challenges of business and the future of work.

Prof Carol Atkinson is Director of Research for the Faculty of Business and Law. She is a Professor of Human Resource Management, researching work and employment and is a member of Decent Work and Productivity, a University Centre for Research and Knowledge Exchange. She is currently leading the Adult Social Care Learning Lab, part of the ESRC funded Good Employment Learning Lab, and has other projects around gender pay gaps and menopause in the workplace. 

A list of, and links to, all research referred to during this webinar is available here.

Watch Webinar Recording